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Generally speaking, there are two types of typography– expressive typography (type is visual, carries the meaning of the word and sometimes appears as physical shapes) and functional typography ( the type that is meant to be read). I will focus on the last one.


When in doubt,
always justify type left.

Just a few little times center (for short pieces of text with big headers) or right (appropriate for aligning currency figures), but never  justify (popular in newspaper columns but creates “rivers” of oddly spaced blocks of text). The reason why you should justify type left is because it is easier to read. The hard left edges make the beginning of paragraphs easier to find. For that reason, we don´t indent the first line of a paragraph. Instead, we use to add an extra space after each paragraph.



The font used in Medicanimal is Lato. It is a really flexible font, with plenty of options and also a google webfont. It will let you create great layouts.



Always use 2 weights, normally Light(200) and Bold(600)

If you can't use those weights, always go for just two weights and skip one between them, for example, from light to bold, or regular to heavy

With just slight changes in weight it can be difficult for the audience to notice the difference.

Attract the quick modern eye marking the important bits in bold and the remaining ones in light.

Divide the the sentences in similar-length lines to make them easier to read.

Always bold for the headline and light for the body copy for a greater contrast.


Double Point Size.

When changing point sizes, try to use the same ratio between a font size and the next one. The standard is to double or half the point size you are using. For example, if you are using 30 pt. type for the headline, use 15 pt. type for the body copy.

A good trick is to set everything in small in factors of ten, for example, 5 pt. for disclaimers, 10 for the body, 20 for the subheaders and 30 for the headers. Then style proportionally the text box until it fixes perfectly your layout requirements.


Align To One Axis.

Build your type along one primary axis, and align elements to this grid line. For a vertical axis, align the left edge of your type. This will work regardless of font type or size. For horizontal axis, align on the strongest horizontal element. Sometimes this is the cap height while others it’s the baseline.

Avoid The Corners

Don’t place elements along the edge or corners of a page unless to deliberately cut elements off. Negative space is a good thing, so let your design breathe.


Mind The Gap.

Typography is all about spacing.

Spacing matters. The closer things are together, the more the reader will assume a relationship exists between separate blocks of information.



No photos, material or images that are vulgar, pornographic, obscene, profane, sad and or illegal

No images that infringe on any copyright, trademark or other legal property right.

Respectfull with pets nature. No abused, suffering, sad, or stressed pets.

No brachyocephalic dogs (flat faced). None of those breeds are permited:

Boston Terrier
Brussels Griffon
Cane Corso
Cavalier King Charles spaniel
Chihuahua (apple-headed)
Dogue de Bordeaux
English Mastiff
French Bulldog
Griffon Bruxellois
Japanese Chin
King Charles Spaniel
Neapolitan Mastiff
Shih Tzu
Valley Bulldog

No-Humaization. No photos with pets displaying any human behaviour, wearing or using any human item or in general any kind of non animal situation not belonging to their specific specie.

No photos that include logos, titles, branding, promotional material or any other content intended for commercial purposes belonging to any other bussiness unless it would be an official collaboration between the company and an external.

External links are meant to be shared, never downloaded and reuploaded, even quoting the author.

No black and white photographs.

Photos should not be altered in any way that distorts the original proportions of the scene being depicted.

No colour filters, other than to adjust colour and contrast, and always under realistic values. (no instagramy filters)

No blurry, pixelated, unsaturated, oversaturated, dark or otherwise difficult to view photos.

No sideways photos, always use the natural orientation inteded for the picture.

No stocky photographs or scenes that have been clearly artificialy arranged. No people with suits

No Isolated photographs or flat backgrounds, always use images in a natural enviroment, and wherever possible, outdoors.


MA blue 1                #308dd4

MA orange              #eb9b0e

Only for complimentary support:

MA blue 2                #00488d

Only for error and success messages:

Red Baena               #ad343e

Willy G.                     #447738