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Calming advice for anxious pets
Our pets might need some extra support to deal with stress, especially around loud noises and fireworks. Discover advice and solutions to keep them calm, reassured and comforted all year round.
How to create a safe space for your anxious pet
Prepare your anxious pet with home remedies that help them feel safe and comfortable all year round, especially during fireworks. Safe spaces can be made with things you already have around the house - be sure to use familiar scents, the best locations and include their favourite toys and treats. Taking your dog out for walks earlier in the day and calling them out of their doggy den in their own time can really make a difference, and there are even naturally calming diffusers available to help anxious cats and dogs at home.
Reassurance and support
What causes your pet’s stress
As humans we anticipate stress during big life changes, from new family members to moving house, but your pet won’t understand that this upheaval is intentional. The same can be said for loud noises and travel. To help them adjust, discover our helpful tips and hero products, from calming supplements and pheromone collars to plug-ins, all designed to ease anxieties and help them adapt.
Options to support your pet
Calming for cats
Our cats might need some extra care and support to deal with stress, whether loud noises make them nervous, they don't like going to the vet or if they feel uncertain when new people come over. Discover a solution that will keep them relaxed, no matter what the situation.
Calming for dogs
Empower your pooch to take on stressful situations, from feeling relaxed in new environments, enjoying car journeys without jitters or keeping calm when they hear loud noises. We have a solution for every situation, from diffusers and calming sprays to supplements and thunder shirts.
Vet advice and helpful tips
How to support your anxious pet?
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Back in the office? Help your pet adjust
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