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From the 4th of May, the minimum spend for free delivery will change from £29 to £39. Now, if you’ve been with us for some time, you’ll know we don’t do this often! But occasional changes like these help us give you more: from reduced product prices to the best individual care for your pet.

So, what happens now? Below are your options, together with some tips on how you can avoid the £2.99 delivery fee.

If you’re a regular customer

Option 1: Set up a Repeat Order

If there are products that you order regularly (food, litter, flea and tick treatments), we recommend grouping them into a Repeat Order as this will help you reach the minimum spend for free delivery. All you have to do is choose your frequency (every three weeks, every month, etc.) and enjoy automatic deliveries as well as up to 15% off every order. Plus, if you sign up before the 3rd of May, you will get free delivery for three months on any order above £29.

Option 2: Go larger

If you’re ordering an item such as pet food, selecting a bigger bag can help you qualify for free delivery. Plus, larger bags give you the best value for your money because the price per kilo is lower. So while you pay a bit more, you’ll need to order less often.

Option 3: Double up

Similarly to option 2, you can order two of the same item. Something that saves you time in the long run while helping you reach the minimum spend for free delivery.

Option 4: Add-on products

From treats to poo bags, there are lots of useful add-on products that pet owners always need to have to hand. Adding one or two of these to your order is another easy way of reaching a total order value of £39.

If you’re a Repeat Order customer

Option 1: Enjoy three additional months of free delivery

As a Repeat Order customer, you will automatically continue to get free delivery until the 27th of July. After that, if your order is below £39, you will need to pay a £2.99 delivery fee. Unless…

Option 2: Add-on products

Adding one or two essential products that you use all the time, such as treats or poo bags, is an inexpensive way of helping you get free delivery on every order.

Do you have any questions? From orders to product recommendations, our Customer Care Team will be glad to help.